• Height: 5'2", which is pretty big for a rat

  • Fav Food: berries and cheese left suspiciously out in the open

  • Weakness: giant mouse traps

  • Pronouns: they/he

lex is everybody's laid-back, charismatic, slightly snarky but very sincere best friend. he is always down to fuck around with jester but also always down to help nabil cook. they care a lot about everyone, but especially can essentially get lex to do anything if you offer them cheese.


  • Species: common entity

  • Equipt: cheese knife (+2 piercing dmg)

  • Height: normally 1'6"ft, but varies

  • Pronouns: she/her (singular), we/us (self)

mawie is the strangest, most unpredictable friend. she can be sweet, she can be dangerous, she can be everywhere... and in multiple places? mawie never means any harm, she just has a naturally chaotic energy.mawies can come with many different colours on their cheeks, but seem to share one consciousness and personality. she has the tendency to lose control of her corporeal form.


  • Species: impling

  • Ability: being annoying

  • Hobbies: editing celebrity photos on wikipedia to make them slightly more content-aware-scaled every few days

  • Pronouns: they/it

jester is the impulisve voice in the back of everybody's head, egging them on to do the awful thing they otherwise not thinking about. they were brought into this world to make mischief, but it can't help but be charmed and friendly towards some of the other soups.jester has itchy teeth and loves to bite and eat things. keep your fingers away.


  • Shirt Size: children's large

  • Shoe Size: adult's large

  • Go-To Beverage: extra large coffee

  • Pronouns: he/him

skiff is the only one in the group with a stable job, which unfortunately dons him the role of "the responsible one." he has very little patience for shenanigans, but enjoys the fun of being with this group of weirdos too.skiff feels the most responsible for taking care of Ro-V, but also seems to be the only one that can keep jester in check.


  • Equipt: baseball cap (+1 perception)

  • Occupation: food and beverage review streamer

  • Go-To Beverage: "mawnster energy: melon mash blaster flavour"

  • Pronouns: he/they

kicks is a happy go-lucky guy, with a very athletic and energetic life. he is often seen with his skateboard, which is quite proficient at using. his positive attitude renders him pretty invincible to the wild stuff that happens around him.despite his pretty normal appearance, kicks seems to be able to store an infinite amount of stuff inside his pouch.


  • Species: demigryph

  • Equipt: white apron (+2 culinary)

  • Hobbies: cooking, crafting and doing things perfectly or not at all

  • Pronouns: he/him

nabil is the friend that cares too much and thinks too hard about everything. he always looks stressed, he always looks tired, and for good reason - he lives with an imp and an infinite amount of chaos entities.his passion is cooking, which he is great at, but his many hours spent in the kitchen leaves him smelling like a rotisserie chicken, all of the time.


  • Species: simian palm

  • Height: 7'4"ft

  • Fav Food: bananas !!

  • Pronouns: she/her

sookie is a self-confident, somewhat naive friend. she has a passion for fashion, and loves to style her leafy hair. she is, by far, the tallest friend, and she won't hesitate to rub it in. despite her playful nature and general obliviousness, she genuinely cares for her friends.she always has a craving for bananas, she can eat a whole bunch in one sitting.


pronounced "Ro-Vee"

  • Fav Color: #ffa7b6

  • Fav Language: binary and C#

  • Height: 1'2" (head only, without wires)

  • Pronouns: she/they

ro-v is a curious robot, who has only started assimilating into the world of the rest of the friends. she was previously a security robot at a dark, dank facility, where she had literally never seen the light of day.after her reboot, she has had a fascination with the world, cultures, animals and especially the sky.


  • Occupation: evil wizard

  • Eye Color: pink (right) and blue (left)

  • Fav Spell: explode you

  • Pronouns: he/they

Laszlo is a local, professional evil wizard. he doesn't really know any of the others, but seems to have some kind of obsession with cursing Lex specifically. besides lex and Jester, no one seems to really believe laszlo exists.their appearance and anatomy are very unclear. they have pointy ears and a tail, and seem to have a mouth under their hat, but their hands/gloves are fully empty and assumed to be controlled by magic.

coming soon...

you must be early, this character is yet to debut.


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Trading Card Game Rules

👉Click here for the VIDEO TUTORIAL narrated by Ro-V!👈

Summary & Goal
The Something Soup Trading Card Game is a 1-vs-1 card game played with a custom deck. The aim of the game is to end your turn with 4 Friends of different names on your side of the board.

Deciphering Cards
- The top left number indicates a card's Base Power and the star-shaped crystals to the left of the main text is Stardust (cost to play).
- The symbol in the bottom left and color of the card indicate the card's Type. There is also a small text to indicate this directly under the card art.
- The text under the artwork is the Ability and the Ability style. If this text is in italics, it is just flavor text.
There are five kinds of cards: Scissors, Rock, Paper, Typeless and Food.

Stardust: The currency and cost of playing cards.
Power: The damage your card does on your turn, AND the amount of defense it has on your opponent's turn.
Typing: Each friend card is either a Paper, Scissor, Rock or Typeless card. This affects the Power they may have against the opposing rival.
Ability: The text on a card that has the in-game effect (as opposed to the flavour text)
[PLAY]: Ability applies once on the turn the card is played, but not on subsequent turns.
[ACTIVE]: Ability applies once on each of your turns, including the turn it is played, and not on the opponent's turn.
[ONGOING]: Ability applies continuously.
Rival: Character cards on the other side of the board.
Friendly/Friend: Character cards on your side of the board.
Opposing: Card directly across from subject.
Food: Any card labelled with "Food Card" at the bottom. Can only be played below a Friend, indicating that they are "holding" it. One food per friend.
Knockout: The character that has taken an attack greater than their defensive Power is put into the discard pile, along with any held Food item.
Stalemate: When two opposing characters have the same Power after type matchups, abilities and food are considered, they are Stalemating, and neither are knocked out.

Each player has a deck of around 20 cards, with a minimum of at least 4 different characters. (The game has been balanced to play well with a 20 card deck, however, you may play with less. Our testing showed that less cards resulted in a longer game that was harder to win. More than 20 cards is fine.)
Place your draw pile to your left, leaving space for 4 cards to be placed to the right of it. Leave space for Food to be placed below Friends too. Discarded cards will be placed in a pile on the very right.

The players play Papers Scissors Rock, and the winner decides to go first or second.The player that goes first draws 3 cards, while the player that goes second draws 4. Each player will begin with 3 Stardust per turn.

Each turn consists of three phases, you cannot skip any phase:
- Play phase: Play any number of cards less than or equal to the value of Stardust you have. Unless specified otherwise, a card's ability is activated immediately when it is played. Any food played is placed below the character to indicate they are holding it. Each friend can only hold 1 food at a time. Friends and Food can be replaced if there is already something in the slot you would like to use.
- Attack phase: Resolve attacks* left to right from the active player's perspective. Characters must be knocked out in a single hit, and additional attacks aimed at the same character do not stack damage.
- End phase: Discard your hand, and then draw 4 cards (unless otherwise specified). When your draw pile is empty, shuffle your discard pile. This becomes your new draw pile.
After this phase, your turn ends, and it's the opponent's turn.

You may try to beat the Power of the opposing rival, or meet the Power to Stalemate.
On your turn:
- Paper is x2 Power against rock, and has -1 Power against scissors
- Scissors is x2 Power against Paper, and has -1 Power against rock
- Rock is x2 Power against scissors, and has -1 Power against Paper
- When attacking with a Typeless card, it does not gain damage multipliers from typing

- The defending card does not have it's Power number changed from typing
- If two Power numbers are equal, they Stalemate and both characters remain on the board.
- Always apply type effectiveness before adding bonus Power (e.g. bonus from Choccy Milk or Nabil)

Winning / Finishing the game:
The goal of the game is to have 4 differently named Friends on your side of the board after your Attack Phase.
e.g: A board with 1 Skiff, 1 Jester, 1 Lex and 1 Mawie is a win and the game ends.
However a board with 1 Skiff, 1 Jester and 2 Lex is not a win and the game continues.
Food items held do not count towards the win state, even if the Food card depicts a unique friend, only Friend cards contribute to the win state.

thank you to the game testers / spell checkers:
Jonathan Bruhn Bak, Henry Zhang, Alex Louw, Nick Sofoulis, Isla Ferguson & Evie Blackmore
voice over in tutorial is done by Lynn "Vee" Vadnais, with music "make your dreams fizz" from the Going Under OST.

packs for something soup tcg will be available on the
mushroomy store!

Edge cases / Rule clarifications:- When two Paper Jesters that "Always win Stalemates" are opposing eachother, both are knocked out during the attack phase.- When the Rock Sookie says she always takes Knockout damage from Mawies, this does NOT include theTypeless Mawie wearing a moustache, as she cannot recognise this as a Mawie,- The Rock Sookie does get knocked out by the 3 Stardust Typeless Mawie that instantly knocks their opponent out, as that Mawie's ability would apply regardless of power values.- When any Mawie attacks the Rock Sookie during the Mawie's attack phase, the Mawies do not knock themselves out despite being lower Power value. (Treat this as if Rock Sookie has a 0 power against any Mawie)- When a card opposes Typeless Jester that removes the opposing rival's abilities, the Typeless Jester always has priority (If the Typeless Jester was played first, it's [ongoing] ability style overrides a newly placed opponent's. If the Typeless Jester is played second, for example, after an opposing Scissors Mawie that copies opponent's ability , the Jester still has priority, as that Mawie's power is only active on her turn.)